Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Chapter: Madison:)

Hey everyone! Sorry for being off the grid for so long. Turns out moving to a new city and starting a new job can kinda take a lot out of a person. ;) I've been wanting so badly to share some photos of my new apartment with you, but to be honest, I've just been really busy, and I also have a few more things I want to 'perfect' before I show you. I'm so weird, ha! In the mean time, I figured I'd share some random photos from my first couple weeks here. I've been enjoying myself so much, and I feel weird saying it, but it's already starting to feel more like home to me than Milwaukee ever did. Not sure how considering I've only been here two weeks?! I think it's a combination of things. I've spent A LOT of time here over the past year, so it's familiar to me, and I think it obviously helps to have people here that make it feel so natural and comfortable. I'm hoping as I get settled in the job too, I'll become even more engrained in the city and my life here. I will admit, my first week was pretty long, and it was quite intense, but I think that's pretty normal when starting over at a new place. I will have lots of opportunities to grow in this role, so I'm pretty excited to see how things go. Wish me luck! All that said, enjoy some pics and live vicariously through me! ;)

 Gorgeous sunset!
 The front of my work building!
 L picked me up from work, and we got stranded because it rained so hard that the roads flooded!
 The week got much nicer and I saw this view as I left work on Friday evening!
 L's office overlooks this view of the stadium. How cool!
 L's work building!
 When I got the job, L told me he wanted to buy me a bike. He just got this bike above (kinda ridiculous, right?!;), and we decided when I moved to Madison that we wanted to explore some local trails and stuff. The following pics show some pretty cool things we saw along our trip yesterday. We did about 8 miles, and let me tell ya, the pain in my legs is unlike anything I've ever experienced, ha. I literally almost cried in the middle of the night! Gotta get myself into better shape, clearly;).
 Me on my new bike! Per a few requests based on my Instagram pic, here is a link to my bike. It's actually a boy's bike. I wasn't too into some of the 'girly' designs, so I thought this one was pretty slick! Seems to suit me pretty well too!
 How silly do our bikes look next to each other, ha!

 Beautiful view on one of our bike trails!
 How gorgeous is this?! Looks like a painting!
Love this shot! And there ya have it. What a great day!


rlzimmerman said...

Great pictures! Can't wait to see some of your apartment!

Casey Smith said...

Great photos Nae! LOVE that you're loving Madison! Such a great move for you in so many ways! ALSO. Love the bike! I'm going to be looking into a 'taller' one for myself;) And love how it's a nice black:)
ALSO. Loved the little inchworm video on IG. Adorable!:)

Courtney Smith said...

SO glad you're loving it in Mad town already. Sigh of relief! completely jealous of your bike. I've been wanting one (&one for Dave) for *years!* SOON enough :)

Renee said...

Thank you, ladies! Still a whirlwind even a month later, but I'm really liking it and trying to make the most of it! Sadly, my bike has only been ridden that day and that day only so far, but I hope to get a little more use out of it before it's too cold! Apartment photos still to come:).