Thursday, January 13, 2011

Milwaukee Nights!

Today marks the 2-month marker since I moved to Milwaukee. Holy moly! In a weird way, it seems like it's been longer. That being said, however, I still can't believe I've been a big city girl for two months already! I still have so much to learn, but I've doing my research on the city and asking my boss a lot of questions to help me figure out what this place is all about. Something tells me that even 1o years from now, I could still be learning new things. Through the course of my limited exploration thus far, I have managed to get out of my apartment a few times and explore the Milwaukee night life. Let me tell you, there's a HUGE variety. Perfect for my tastes because I love just about anything. I've been to a sports bar, two breweries, a dance club, a country bar, three Irish places (yes, I'm a fan of Irish pubs), and a handful of other random bars. I've also been to a lot of fun little shops, but since this entry is focused on the night life piece, I thought I'd focus on the bars, ha! See the pictures below to get a feel for a few of my nights out on the town. The locations of these photos include: Ale House, Buca di Peppo, Club Brady, Hi Hat Lounge, Red Rock, and Suite. Looking forward to more fun nights in the future, so those of you who are reading this, take this as a hint that you should come visit ASAP so I can continue to explore! :)

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Mama Smith said...

hey there nae, love the new pics. looks like you had a good time. you all look so beautiful.